Two weeks ago, I had an appointment in the city, but I was running late. I took a cab to the LIRR because I knew it was the fastest way to get there. Sat down, took a few selfies, and 15 comfortable minutess later I was at Penn Station. Not bad.

Then, I realized that I need to take the W train to get to 23rd Street. So, I speed-walked a block to the train station and waited. And waited. And waited. I tend to pace when I'm impatient. Don't we all? So, there I was pacing for 15 mins, which was the total time it took me to get from Queens to the city! Awesome right?!

And, boy, was it hot down there. When the train came, I was sweating like a hog. Another 10 mins later, I was on 23rd street. I stopped to get a macchiato because every strenuous activity should end with a tall drink from Starbucks. It's just how the world works.

Total weight lost? Maybe, two lbs.

When I saw the video below from the New Yorker, I couldn't help but choke on my lemon drink (it might seem like I'm always drinking something...but really, I'm not). This video reminded me so much of that day when I literally worked out in the train station.



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