The author's father, Guyana. age 25

The author's father, Guyana.
age 25

Editor's Notes

Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to thank our dads for everything they've done for us, including valuable lessons that they've taught us. My dad was 23 when I was born. And my mom was 19!

My dad's name is John, and he is very strong. Like, physically strong. He's also hilarious and charming. But he can be very judgemental. He has his vices, but who doesn't? As a whole, my dad has taught me lessons that I apply to my life every day. Here are four of them.

1. Stay informed.

My dad is a big political junkie. The first thing he asks me when he sees me is, "What did you learn today?" And I immediately know that he's talking about politics. He knows how important it is to follow the news and those who were elected to represent us. He always knows what's going on our world, and he raised me to be just as curious.

2. Follow your dreams

When I was young, I was told that I can do anything, be anything I wanted to be. When I started college, my dad told me that the decisions I made then, would affect me for the rest of my life. He was supportive when I said I wanted to write. And he's supportive now. He's one of my biggest cheerleaders.

3. Save your money!

My dad is a huge saver. He doesn't believe in spending his money on reckless things. If you're going to spend, then make sure it's worth it because if you're not wise with your money, then you'll get conned right out of it. It's you vs. the retailer. Make wise choices with your money.

4. Love who you want to love.

When my dad's mother (black) married his father (white), they were shunned by his father's parents. But they raised nine beautiful children. When my dad (mixed) married my mom (Indian), her parents had a problem with it. But my parents didn't care. They were in love. I learned that love is blind and that I have to live my own life. I'm free to love whomever I wish.