No glasses
Editor's Notes

Glasses. There are so many confident women who make wearing glasses out-of-this-world cool. I’m not one of those women. Nope. Not me.

What makes something cool anyway? Confidence! Not saying that I don’t have that. I have it in spades, thank you very much. But I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. And my eyes haven’t gotten better over the years. My prescription reads like an old person.

At first, 10-year-old me couldn’t wait to get my shiny new pair of specs. I was an avid reader growing up, so my glasses were very valuable to me. Then, that changed in boarding school after I was teased, and again in high school.

So, what to do? Get contacts, of course.

But lately, I’ve been giving glasses a serious thought. I love that Gloria Steinem made hers work for her instead of the other way around. Have you ever seen anyone rock them so flawlessly? Marching for women’s rights and giving speeches on equality while making you envy her aviators? Of course, I can’t rock the ones she wore now, but an image of Ms. Steinem would’ve done wonders for my self-confidence back in my teenage years.

I change my reading glasses every year (I know!) and this year, I plan on getting a clear frame. Guru thinks it’s my style. I don’t know...but I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe this summer, I’ll venture out in public with glasses on. It’ll be the first time, since turning 16.