Editor's Notes

I started “Right on Writer’s Block,” as an outlet to showcase my short stories (I had only fully executed one story - which I had written for my fiction writing class). I immediately started working on another story, which I never quite finished. Rest assured, I will finish it by the end of this month. Yep, deadlines work for me. I’m totally lying. But I will try! Where there's a will, there's a way.

The website grew to include “The Dailies,” which I’ve grown quite fond of -- putting my journalism education and quirky, writing voice to good use, though my introverted ways have hindered me quite a bit. I’m still working up the nerve to ask the owner of my favorite coffee shop if I can interview him. He's one of those people who you immediately become best friends with (yes, he's my bestfriend, in my head).

I started “Right on Writer’s Block” at the urging of Guru, who felt it might help with my writer’s block. And it has. I’ve always turned my nose up at blogs because I was “a serious writer who was working on her masterpiece.” I’m kidding! That’s not what I thought. But I couldn’t fathom starting one because A) I’d have to find the time to commit to it and B) I didn't know what it would be about. But Guru helped me decide how I was going to present it, and he even came up with the name!

Which brings me to the new pictures you’ve seen throughout the site. A few weeks ago, I did a photo shoot with Guru. The trees were in full bloom, and even the pictures make it seem like I was having a grand old time. I wasn’t.

  1. My contact lens in my right eye was torn and was so unfortable that my eye was tearing.
  2. I showed up with a band aid on my middle finger because I cut myself while making eggs. That wasn’t a typo. I was making scrambled eggs to be exact. Guru thinks I should Photoshop it...but I don’t know. Why Photoshop our flaws?
  3. I was freezing because it was in the 40’s with a light breeze.
  4. The best pictures were the ones where I laid on the ground and pretended to read! It was Guru’s idea because I was able to hide my right eye. See what we did there? We improvised.

I hope you like the new pictures! And for anyone suffering from writer’s block, the best thing you can do is write, write, write. Life is too short to allow any kind of blocks to get in your way!

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