Self Love

Writer's Block

Yes, yes, the title is a bit preachy, but this is not one of THOSE posts. Trust me, I am not a preacher, but I have been on the longest journey ever for perfect curls. Perfect! Is that even a word when it comes to hair?

Hard Facts:
Several years ago, while having one of the worst days of my life, which included having writer's block and feeling my self-worth drain away with every stroke of my pen, I picked myself up and went to the hair salon. 

Once there, I sat down and told the kind lady to chop it all off. Sort of in an {off with their heads} voice. Haha. Not really. But she took me for all I had, and then some, leaving me with nothing but a mop on top of my head. 

Of course, I rocked it well. But it made me miss my long curls. Yes, there were days when they weren't as curly as they could be and very high maintenance, but it was worth it! Short hair so wasn't my style. 

Present Me
My hair is currently at its default length: i.e. a little past my shoulder, and I've grown to just appreciate it for what it is. Tight curls on some days, loose curls on others, frizzy on my off days, somewhere between happy and sad on my PMSing days. Haha. 

In Conclusion
No one's perfect. Ok, I concede, there are some IG hair models who are. But for the most part, we're all just trying to do the best with what we have. Self Love. There's no science to it. Just acceptance for who we are. Simple :)