Writer's Block

This summer, I discovered the amazing world of Netflix and I haven't looked back! I used to read a lot, watch as little TV as possible and work on my book. Now, I binge watch whatever Guru recommends. The latest show: A Different World.

Yep! I'm a loser. I know, I know, go ahead and laugh at me. I would do the same if I were in your shoes. I finished season one in less than four days. Then, I was so disappointed when I realized that I wouldn't be seeing more of the very stylish Denise Huxtable in season two (after much intense research online, I found out that Lisa was pregnant with Zoe!)

Sometimes, the things we do not want to like inspire us. Being the drama queen I sometimes pretend to be, I grudgingly watched season two with no expectations. Guess what? An episode in this season actually inspired this post. Episode 12! Freddie, an eccentric character, who happened to be a writer suffering from writer's block, turned to alcohol! Like countless other writers, myself included, her hero was Hemingway (long sigh).

Like me, Freddie discovered the hard truth about getting drunk to write. Those were dark days in my life (more about that some other time). But Freddie bounced back. I can't wait to see if the show's writers include more of her writing struggles in her story line. Of course, I can google it. But there's no fun in that!


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