Writer's Block

Writing Space.

This is my own personal word that I use when I’m trying to find the perfect place to write. I’ll say, “Ok, time to put down the remote or get off the internet, and find a writing space.” And for me, it’s usually at this tiny desk that is not that far from my bookcase, which is overflowing with books. I like to feel surrounded by different works of literature - anything from the classics to science fiction to romance.

I have tried writing at the library, but I have a tendency to make funny faces when I'm stuck on a sentence or word, or idea (so frustrating!), so that quickly became an embarrassing writing space.

Early on, I had anxiety attacks when it came to finding the perfect place to write. Especially in the dreary winter. Being from the Caribbean, I felt like the hot breeze of summer, through my opened window was the ideal environment for me, and it was. But I couldn’t stay in that mindset because I became just as cold and depressing as winter when it rolled around. I even bought a happy light!

Which brings me to one of my favorite writers of all time and her writing space.

Maya Angelou.


I’ve always tried to emulate Ms. Angelou. Her grace, her sensual, intelligent voice, her gaze. I even have a cutout from the NY Times Op-Ed page (it's yellow at this point) that has a summary of her writing habits, tacked to my wardrobe.

And that brings me to her writing hole.

She rented a hotel room and began writing around 7am. It was a bedroom, with a bed, table, and bath. Her only possessions were a Roget’s Thesaurus, a dictionary, a King James Bible, a deck of cards, crossword puzzles. And she drank sherry!

Hmm...I’ve never been a ‘sherry’ kind of girl. Maybe, 2017 will be the year I become one!