What I'm Watching

“I’m hardly innocent. I’ve been around. Well, all right I might not have been around. But I’ve been nearby.”

This could have been said by anyone in 2017. But it was said on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," by Mary Richards, one of TV’s first characters who embodied the life of a single, independent woman, in the 1970s. The show premiered about 50 years ago, and featured equal pay, sexism in the workplace, homosexuality, birth control and yes, sex! In the 70’s! On a TV Show.

It’s debatable that many actresses could have done a good job with a role like this, but those actresses weren’t Mary Tyler Moore, with her sunny smile that could light up any room. She was a ‘good’ girl who showed the world that it was ok for women to have sex. Safe sex.

Today, as the world remembers her many accomplishments and what an extraordinary woman she was, let’s also remember what she did for women, through her groundbreaking show. It was the "Sex and the City" of its time and is still relevant today. What a woman! Will you be binge-watching? I will!