Ole Smoky Distraction

Writer's Block

So, I'm not new to blogging. But I am new to sticking to deadlines. I'm the worst/best (depending on how you look at it) procrastinator I know. 

My first short story on this site, Heat 360, is done, and I can't wait to post it. But there is one hiccup. Plugins! Guru pointed out to me yesterday, while I was on the verge of posting it, that I needed to add plugins. I know! Why does a short story need plugins? But with our shorter and shorter attention span, I decided that he had a point. So, that's the reason why my story is not up yet. 

Which brings me to "Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine."



When I work on my stories, I like to open a bottle of my favorite cabernet and finish it. You can tell how good the story is going, depending on how fast the bottle goes down!

Or, I'll have a few moonshine cherries. Maybe one or two. Or five or six. So far, I've only had...four. Do you believe me?

Moonshining (the process of making moonshine) began shortly after the American Revolution after the U.S. placed a federal tax on liquors and spirits, which was bound to cause an uproar because one of the reasons for the Revolution was to get away from British taxes. It was distilled at nights so people weren't able to to see the smoke from the stills, making it easy to hide from the authorities. Hence the term, moonshine.