My {Late} Resolution


It’s January 19, and I’ve finally settled on a resolution. I wanted to be sure I’d keep any resolutions I made, so I waited until I was sure. And I am sure! I’ve settled on not buying any new clothes in 2017. Haha. I’d decluttered my closet this past summer, only to find new clothes creeping back into it. I don't even remember going shopping!

I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I want to reach the state where I could fit everything I’ll ever need into a suitcase, and disappear if I have to. So, I’ll go another round in my closet, throw out some more stuff and I try to maintain it. It’s so freeing when things don’t control you -- this way you can get more work done, live a more fulfilling life and not be a slave to things. Yep. That’s what they are. Things. 

It’s my first step to minimalism. I’m well on the way. Thank you, Tim Ferriss, (and to Guru for leading me to him).

Wish me Luck!