What kind of gift giver are you?


Back in my sophomore year in college, I took a poetry writing course that I kind of breezed through, and never took seriously. For one of our assignments, we were required to take an item of sentimental value to class, and explain why it was important to us.

A good friend of mine took a bangle that her mother gave to her, one guy hauled in a guitar -- and I pulled out an unsharpened #2B pencil out of my bag (we were required to write a poem about our items. Haha). The class had a field day with my pencil but I was such a good actress that the professor bought the story.

(If I had my dog, Johnny Boy, I would've taken him instead)!

Over the years, I've grown into a wiser person when it comes to material things. I was the ultimate consumer, but after feeling overwhelmed with all of the things I'd accumulated, I simply threw everything out and started from scratch. And I've never felt freer. I can honestly say that I can fit everything I need, into a small travel size bag, and disappear if I ever have to (oops, I didn't mean it like that).

We'll only have a few things in life that will have true meaning to us. They will usually be heirlooms that others can never see the beauty in. But they will be ours. So, for this holiday season, I challenge you to only buy gifts that are meaningful.

I will.