Let's give back


Yikes! The year is almost over, and while we're still processing all that has happened in this country and abroad: the election/electoral college/popular vote/Russia's interference, gun violence, terrorism here and abroad, the two (official) wars the U.S. is involved in, the refugee crisis, Syria, Iran, the Israeli settlements, etc., and all that will happen in 2017, and the next 4 years, for that matter; let's not forget that we can play an important role in making the world a better place.

You can pick just one organization based on a topic you're passionate about, and donate your time or money. It can be local - like a soup kitchen or a mentoring program. I care deeply about Planned Parenthood, which supports the reproductive rights of women.

Giving is a joy. It will make you few better, I promise. It might not change the world today. But who knows about tomorrow?

what organizations will you be donating to? Below are a few that need your help.