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Jessica Jones (Credit: Netflix)

Jessica Jones (Credit: Netflix)


"She was trapped in the dream, tossing and turning, trying to get out of it. It struck terror in her heart, even more so when she woke up but couldn't move. Then, as though she was being pulled by strings, she jerked to the side and hit her face, just above her left eye. The pain shot through her skull and rendered her immobile."

Nope, that wasn't a scene from Jessica Jones (see what I did there). That was me, last night! Suffice to say, I only have a tiny cut between my eye and eyebrow. I sent a selfie to Guru and we reminisced about an earlier conversation where he asked me if I fought crime at nights. Yep. I was out being a superhero last night! In my dreams!

So, I might as well make this a Jessica Jones post (so I can add a Netflix tag) haha. I'm notorious for my stubborn nature. If I tell you that I do not want to watch Jessica Jones because it most certainly isn't the best show ever and never will be, then I'm dead serious. So serious, that I'll be sure to sit and critique the entire first episode, then bite my words after I've realized what an ass I was.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who binged watched Jessica Jones in like four days!!