Students marching on Earth Day 1970

Students marching on Earth Day 1970


Today is Earth Day. Thousands of people will take to the National Mall in Washington, DC, and in streets around the world to make their voices heard.

The idea for Earth Day came to then-Senator Gaylord Nelson, Democrat from Wisconsin, after the enormous oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969. The following year, on April 22, and what was dubbed as “Earth Day,” about 20 million Americans hit the auditoriums, streets, and parks to march for a sustainable environment. It brought colleges, universities and groups that fought against pollution, power plants, oil spills, the extinction of wildlife, and anything that impacted the environment in a negative way, together.

Today, the demonstrations around the world will be called The March for Science. Inspired by the success of the Women’s March on January 21, organizers have billed it as political but not partisan. Guests include Bill Nye (the science guy), Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha (a pediatrician who helped expose the Flint water crisis) and Questlove (from the Roots).

“We must protect the rights of every person to engage with, learn from, and help shape science, free from manipulation by special interests.” states The March for Science website.

In March, President Trump proposed $54 billion in cuts that would cut spending on government programs. The EPA will also be affected.


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