Editor's Notes

Who do you hate more than a late riser? Someone who is always tardy! Well, big surprise for you. I'm a late riser and I'm always late! And I hate it.

Waking up early in the morning, just before the sun rises to have a minute to myself, is a dream of mine. I want to have a nice cup of tea, savor the sunlight as it reveals itself, then meditate for about half an hour.

Shortly, after that, I want to make myself a big breakfast (I make great breakfasts by the way) and begin working on a piece for my blog. Preferably, Drexa Neptune's full story.

But sadly, no matter what I do, I cannot achieve this small thing. The most successful people are early risers! Snoozing is definitely not a friend of mine. A while back, I had about 5 alarm clocks, littered around my room. I would wake up, turn each one off, and fall back into bed. Seriously! Who does that?

So, starting tomorrow, I will be a new person. I will be an early riser.

Ah, goals, goals, goals.

Am I the only person with this problem?