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I almost started this blog post with, "there I was..." haha, favorite opening ever. You know it's a good story when I start with..."there I was..." Anyway, there I was, blissfully watching Saturday Night Live in May when three luminous beauties with amazing style began to sing.

I immediately became a fan.

Yep. I had just discovered what millions of people already knew. Haim is dope.

Their second album, Something to Tell You, was literally my soundtrack this summer. Even Guru thought their video for Want You Back was sick.

So, is this short film that Paul Thomas Anderson directed for them called Valentine (see below). I'm in awe and love with this film. It's so intimate and gives you a closer look into what their creative process was like while they worked on songs like Right Now and Something To Tell You.

On Twitter, the band wrote, "We wanted to wait until u guys were familiar with the record so you could get a sneak peek into how we made some of our favorite songs."

All I can say is, "MORE SNEAK PEEKS, PLEASE!"




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