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Editor's Notes

There I was, on the train, nose stuck in my iPhone, typing away. I’m sure curious train riders were wondering...what is that girl writing? Well, though my book is finished (thank god), it’s not really finished. I’ve been editing it. First drafts are always a pain to look at and mine is no exception, so I’ve been tightening it and fixing my grammar and loving every minute of the process.

Most mornings, I’m usually late for work. Ugh, I’m sure my dog is tired of me rushing to get out of the house -- and rushing his morning walks! But the most calming part of my morning is standing on the train, by the door, and editing my book. And yesterday, something amazing happened. A new character came to me. And as I thought of him, it all seemed so worth it. I have a story to tell. I don’t know when my book will be published but I’ll try my hardest to make sure it’s read by as many people as possible. I immediately texted Guru to tell him of this new character. He was supportive but I know he hates that it’s taking me so long to complete it.

Pfft. Doesn't he know that writers can’t be rushed? Okay, okay. I know. I know. I have to hurry up and finish it. I’m on Chapter 14! I’m almost there!

Oh, by the way, I never sit on the trains because Guru showed me a video of rats running on the seats! Haha, sorry if I just ruined your day. And also, I hate sitting next to strangers. And I make sure to sanitize my hands as soon as I get to my stop. But I love the train. It’s so New York, you know? As long as I can stand in peace by the door and work on my novel, I’m the happiest girl in the world. The happiest, late girl haha.



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