I spent a good portion of my summer, strolling the aisles of Ikea. I had arrived at the conclusion that my brown furniture and little knickknacks were suffocating me, making it impossible to focus on my writing (I swear, we writers love to blame everything when it comes to writer's block). But seriously, I had a problem. I so loved the pieces in my room because they were things that inspired me: my plants, my two writing desks, and little trinkets that took me to a different world. But I felt like my room, my writing space was closing in on me.

So, I decided to replace my furniture with similar, smaller, white items. Up until last summer, I had been obsessed with brown and tan. Tan boots and bags; brown furniture. When I switched everything out, naturally my room became brighter, which had a positive effect on my brain.

When winter rolled around, I didn't even need my happy light anymore. Yea. I know. A happy light.

Which brings me to Ikea's new Stockholm 2017 collection, consisting of 47 pieces and set to hit US stores in April. My toes curled when I saw the new pieces. I instantly remembered those warm, playful summer days, when Guru and I, both redecorating our spaces at the same time, wandered throughout Ikea, exploring and enjoying the simplicity that Ikea offers.

This new collection offers the same Scandinavian magic. Carefully curated and made from natural materials - rattan, hand-blown glass, and ash, the pieces look like they were made to be enjoyed.

“I hope that my patterns can help to create the same harmony in a home that closeness to nature gives.” Textile designer Hanna Dalrot said about her work with the collection.

My favorite items are the carafes, which were made from hand-blown glass and are perfect for adding a delicate hint of color to any room (my room!).

Just another reason to look forward to April. Spring colors, blooming flowers, and Ikea strolls.


Below are some pieces from the collection

Images credit: IKEA