New York at Its Core

Stairs leading to the second floor.

Stairs leading to the second floor.


In December, I visited the Museum of The City of New York to see the New York at Its Core exhibition. Have you ever been?

The museum was founded in 1923 by Henry Collins Brown, a Scottish immigrant who arrived here at the age of 13, as a contrast to The New York Historical Society, which originated in 1804.

As an immigrant to this country, and a history nut, the museum captivated me from the moment I entered its doors and was catapulted back in time to the beginning of New York City. I wasn’t the only one. Guru was starry-eyed beside me - he tried to act like it didn’t affect him but I saw him wipe a tear during the 20’s era. Ok, I lied, I can’t remember which decade it was, but I know he was affected!

The introduction gallery, Port City (1609-1898) was like a time capsule, displaying items that were used in the everyday lives of the early settlers. I was immediately taken with a shoe, because of its shape, while Guru’s attention was on the money used, to the amusement of an older gentleman.

The pictures aren't the best because this blog didn't exist then, but I will be going back soon, and I'll be sure to take better pictures!

In the mean time, follow me on my journey through New York!

Port City (1609-1898)
Objects from this period.

The exhibition's second gallery, World City 1898-2012, showcased how New York has evolved into the melting pot it is today. There were newspaper clippings, and historic objects that defined each decade. 

World City 1898-2012
Defining moments

My favorite era - the early 20’s!

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