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"A government of laws, and not of men."
-John Adams



June is almost over. Long sigh. Where is the year going? Is it just me or is it speeding up so that we can get to the end of President Trump's four years (if he makes it that far). Haha, bad joke for all the Trumpsters. There's one thing we have to realize: we're all different. Some of us loathe everything that Mr. Trump stands for, while others feel like he's out to make a change - a good change. Whatever our beliefs are, we're all the same. And we all have a purpose that's much bigger than the politicians we put into office.

We have to be held accountable for the leaders we elect. And we should be honest enough to admit when said leaders become weak, whiny, and crude with a limited vocabulary.

With that said, this Interesting Things feature is very diverse. Spend a few minutes on each. And remember, we are responsible for the leaders we choose.

John Oliver's take on net neutrality.

A recent study found that two-wheeled commuters were happier than their gas pedal-stomping, car-caged peers. Here's a beginner's guide to biking to work

In New Yorkers’ Vacation Homes, Less Is More

Senate GOP brings Obamacare repeal bill out of the shadows. Shivers

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