Editor's Version

So, I wash my hair every other day. I know, I know, I knowwwwww! It’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

And, I don’t wash it with sulfate-free shampoo either. I use Head and Shoulders. Why? Because old habits die hard, and when it doesn’t affect your curls, then you don’t worry about trying new things. I’ll tell you this though, I have no dandruff! And I’ve been using Head and Shoulders since I was a child. Seriously.

I know that I need to change, but I just can’t! One of my cousins even has a Youtube channel that I’m obsessed about, but her advice just can’t seem to penetrate my thick skull. I’m known for my stubbornness. Just ask Guru.

But I might have to stop living so carefree because my grays have already warned me that I’m no longer a teenager. Yes. grays.

Like the beautiful Mimi Valdes, at this year's Oscars. When I saw her hair, I instinctively knew that we shared premature graying in common.

“Kind of missing my long hair, but not missing dyeing it black every four weeks. #TeamNaturalGrayHair.” Ms. Valdes wrote under an Instagram picture of herself with long black hair, last year in April.

And I can relate. I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun all weekend, showcasing my grays for the world to see because constant washing strips my hair faster than it takes a speeding squirrel to cross the street.

So, here I am. Wishing I had Mimi Valdes’ bravery to rock my natural hair color. Or lack thereof, that is.