What can I say about myself? Well, first I'm a writer (duh) and my motto is, "Do what you love at any cost." Sounds a bit preachy, I know. And I also know that my bio started off very informal, but in this day and age, stuffy and formal is well on its way out. 

My name is Candia M. Vieira, and I started this blog with the goal of writing short stories/articles every day. I hope to infuse my own brand of joy, creativity, and good vibes into my stories of inspiring people and things. New York is my home, and I see myself living nowhere else but in this utopia of grit, dreams and determination. 

I attended Baruch College, where I majored in Business Journalism, which I'm glad I did, because I'm a bit addicted to the news (but I hide it well) -- I think. When I'm not devouring the news, I'm listening to podcasts by my own personal heroes -- Tim Ferris, James Althucher, Joe Rogan -- podcasts that Guru introduced me to. I'm also a bit of a romance novel enthusiast, but I write YA fiction. I don't know what that says about me...any thoughts?

Which brings me to Guru. He's a big part of the website. He shoots all of the campaign pictures of me and helps with ideas to make the website more creative. We're all about good vibes here. So feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or want to contribute to Right on Writer's Block.

Note: I showed up for this photo shoot with a band aid on. Might Photoshop it in the future...or I might not. Haven't decided as yet.