Politics Overload


So, we’re all frustrated.

Frustrated with the political climate we have found ourselves in, yet again. The Tea Party movement was founded, 8 years ago, after the inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama. This year, we’ve seen protests from The Women’s March (whose numbers were almost 3 times the size as President Trump's inauguration...but who’s counting?) to people from all races marching against the Muslim ban.

Now, Republicans in congress would like Democrats to happily roll over and approve President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, even though they refused to even consider Merrick Garland, Mr. Obama’s Supreme Court pick.

And there’s more!

Of course, there’s more! We’re living in the age of Trumpism (very similar to Fascism...not that you're asking). President Trump is not only using Scorched Earth, a book written by Michael Savage, a brass far-right wing Republican radio host, author, nutritionist, etc… as his guidebook for policies, but he’s surrounded himself with millionaires and billionaires with no political experiences.

I understand the frustration of the left, much the same way I understood the right’s frustration with Mr. Obama. But this time around, our country has much, much more to lose. Not only our standing in the world but our dignity, livelihood, and economy. Maybe, it’s time for a “Coffee Party” movement.

On second thought, I’ll go have a coffee (my first in months), and think of sunshine and puppies.